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Packlet installer tool

Packlet is a simple installer tool for Java. A packlet is similar to a zip or tgz file: it packages an application into a single compressed file that can be distributed. Packlet files are Java class files that can be executed on any machine with Java 2 Runtime Environment installed. Executing a packlet brings up an installer gui to configure and unpack the application. Packlet was inspired by LiftOff and VAInstall.


  • Generates self-extracting Java class files.

  • bzip2 compression.

  • Swing-based installer GUI.

  • Checksum to detect corrupted files.

  • Environment check on the target machine.

  • Adjust text file encoding and line separator to target machine.

  • Template mechanism to generate launch scripts.

  • Set executable flags.


Packlet is alpha code, it has been tested for Packlet itself and the example applications.


Your feedback is welcome! If you want to send me a private note, please email to Michael Hartmeier <>. If your feedback, question, whatever is of general interest, please post to the mailing list.

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